Welcome to the world of Tiriene.

The world once known as Earth has been shattered by the forces of magic. Users from all over the globe practiced freely, academies were built and libraries filled. It was the greatest honor to be accepted into one of these great academies. But no longer. A group of wizards discovered a strange metal, one which would sing with power. They began investigating it, pouring hours over the materials, using their magic and any other power they could find to unlock the metal’s secrets. They were on the verge of discovering the truth behind the stone until the Cataclysm of Aca occurred, Massive forces of magic spilled forth from the academy slaying all inside, and rent the very earth to its core.

Massive tidal forces rushed upon the earth and claimed cities as its own, proud mountains were split in half from the top of the mountain, down to its roots. Islands began emerging from the chaos, New islands formed from the old landmass, and the air was charged with power. Weather patterns once somewhat predictable are as wild as the forces that created the world.

All of this culminates into a world where airships reign supreme, and many races must struggle for survival. Large portions of the world must rely on trading, creating very tenuous, and at times outright violent atmosphere during trade disputes. Many races have carved out their own niches in the world, yet many remain suppressed by the more powerful races, such as the humans and dwarves.

p, It is in this very struggle for survival that the party will embark to shape the very fabric of the world around them. Their pasts will come back to help, and to haunt them. Avalon, one of the major civilizations, which through a strong military, and excellent trade negotiations, has carved out a massive chunk of elesmium, a mysterious metal that somehow powers the very world around them. But with a sudden loss of this precious stone, Avalon is slowly declining. They seek the aid of an organization known as the Gold Mirage.

Shadows over Avalon